To Enjoying the Trick-or-treaters

Let's face it, passing out candy on Halloween can be a drag — especially when all you want is to curl up in bed with Netflix, a nice box of wine and the bowl of chocolate you bought for the little terrors... I mean sweet angels. 

Each year, I draw the blinds, lock the gate and flip off all the lights on Halloween. I'm a regular ol' scrooge, I know. But this year, I thought I'd be a real adult and do something nice for the kids who's parents put so much time, money and effort into their costumes. Seriously, hang around a little one and hear how many times their costume idea changes in the weeks leading up to the big eve. And not to sound like our parents, but do you know how expensive these costumes are that they'll wear for a whopping three hours?!

As you can tell, I'm not much of a kid person — I need incentive to interact with children, thus Trick-or-treater Bingo was born! Simply click the button below to download your booklet of bingo sheets and get excited. Wager whatever you like and use #OneMillennial tomorrow night to update me on the status of your game!

Note that there are four different boards — if you have more than four players, I'd suggest teams. Best of luck!