To Treat Yo'self Sundays

I'm going to be honest — there are many days of the week that I do things that I don't want to do out of obligation. That being said, the one day that I throw that obligation out the window? Sunday. While some regard it as a day of rest, I refer to it as Treat Yo'self Sunday (TYSS). Because I'm refined and shit. While I'd like to say no two Sundays are the same, that'd be a lie. I'm a creature of habit and I'm mostly scared of big adventures, so I typically stick to the same regimen. 

TYSS began when I joined the other adults of the working world in the Monday through Friday grind. Because I can occasionally be a whiny little bitch, (in the cutest, most charming way possible) I thought I'd do something nice for myself on the seventh day to help cushion the blow of the impending doom that was Monday. 

While everyone has a different way of coping with stress and the de-cluttering of their mind, I thought I'd share my process for inspiration. 

Fill'er up!

I always start TYSS with a good breakfast. It used to consist of a maple bar, maybe a second for good luck and a Diet Coke — but I've since ditched the caramel cola and gluten, processed sugars (and basically everything else that makes life worth living for) for health reasons. I urge you to put quality foods in if you're looking for quality output throughout your day. (And for the record, while I'm not talking about #2 in the WC, it does also kind of work in this situation.)

Have fun

I've been super into the #OneMillennial confessions — I suppose this blog is essentially a collection of my "forgive me readers, for I have sinned" moment — so here's another: I'm a shopaholic. I refer to JCrew as church, and I try to go every Sunday for mass... spending. I know, it's probably not a good habit, but I can justify just about anything. 1. I'm helping the economy 2. I need new clothes for x, y and z reasons and 3. I'm an adult and don't have to answer to anybody — except Capital One by the 30th of the month. 

While shopping may not be your idea of a good time, there are many other things one could do. Refer to the list of activities you "love" in your online dating profile for inspiration. Hiking, walks on the beach, learning about other cultures and languages, exploring new cities and spending time at the CrossFit gym. An important note, that I probably should have led with: Consider the options of a friend (or group) tagging along on TYSS. Sometimes it's better to have a partner in crime, but I have to say a little alone time can also be quite enjoyable. 

Get creative

After dropping my bag from JCrew at home, I usually challenge myself to do something creative. For me, tapping into my creative side allows me to decompress and revitalize my mental slate for the week to come. Projects could include a Pinterest or Buzzfeed DIY, writing for the blog or even just getting my inner-child on with an adult coloring book. The past few TYSS have included mini photo shoots. California is basically burning down, but with all the destruction comes smoke — and while it may be bad to breathe, it does make for some incredible sunsets. Silver lining?

Organize your life

I haven't always been an organized person, but as I age, I can't stand when things are out of order. On Sundays, I always book out a little time in my calendar to do these things:

  • Plan my week ahead — making sure that all my meetings and appointments are confirmed. I use the iCal app and a Moleskine planner to help keep me on track. 
  • Wash my bedding and clothes. It's also a great time to remove some of the older items from your closet for donation. (Save those receipts for tax season!)
  • Meal prep! Granted, I'm not the best at this one, but working on it! Preparing meals for the week (or at least the next couple of days) takes the guess work out of mealtimes and saves a lot in takeout bills.

Pamper yourself

After I've stuffed myself, maxed out a credit card, made something pretty and dotted the i's and crossed the t's — the only thing left on my TYSS list is my most-favorite, spa time. The One Millennial Spa is a hole-in-the-wall venue (literally a hole in the hall wall, aka my bathroom) and comes equipped with everything you could need to the ultimate body and face treatments — except another person to render the services. 

I start with trimming my finger and toenails, a hand scrub treatment (a mixture of both coarse and fine sea salt, a few drops of orange essential oil and some hand lotion) and a beard clean-up. Then the real fun begins! Being a budget-friendly spa, I use my Joy Mangano steamer to steam my face, inducing the opening of pores and a deeply relaxed state. My Clarisonic does the heavy lifting, stripping my skin of the layer of yuck that the week has left behind.

After I'm so fresh and so clean, a Kiehl's masque is usually on the menu — either to exfoliate and brighten or to detoxify and purify my mug. I follow that with my regular skincare regimen (toner, eye cream, moisturizer and concentrate) and my revitalized (and now glowing) face and I are ready to hit the hay in preparation to take on the week ahead. I try to make it a point to slink into bed a little earlier on Sundays for extra beauty sleep. It also helps make that Monday morning alarm a little more bearable. 

So there you have it friends, the makings of my TYSS. I'm curious as to what your TYSS looks like. Be sure to sound off in the comments on Facebook or Instagram. I'm always looking for ways to unwind and am sure you have just the thing I'm missing. 😘 



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I should probably be embarrassed that this song is a part of my TYSS playlist — but I'm honestly not at all.