To Saying Goodbye: One Final Post


In a post earlier today, I shared my rules on letting go, moving forward, and sailing off into the sunset. Or into the next quarter-life crisis shit-storm that we battle in our twenties (and sometimes beyond.) Before going all scissor-happy, understand the nine guidelines I go by are not black and white. I’m learning in life, nothing really is. There are intricacies that paint a portrait in a variety of shades of grey. Probably somewhere around 50. 😏

However, the one hard and fast rule I’m learning to trust above anything else: always trust your gut. Our intuition has a way of keeping us on the right path, so long as we pay attention to it. 

As mentioned in my year in review post, 2017 was a year of realizations, change and progress for me (and probably Kylie, too). And over the past month or so, my brain and heart have been playing tug-of-war with another over what to do next. In early December, my contract came to an end, and I found myself unemployed, and in a bit of a tailspin. I see now, that I was given the gift of time, and have used it (for the most part) wisely, to sort out my next steps.

While some of the decisions I’ve made were more difficult than others, I’m incredibly at-peace with each and every one. Moving into the new year, I began laying out my plans and expectations around the pieces that are most important to me. That being said, there has been one piece of the puzzle that has caused me a little extra emotional turmoil. Which is why I’ve made a myriad of pro-con lists, consulted family, friends and full-time bloggers, and weighed an assortment of options before coming to a final decision:

One Millennial’s Guide will be on hiatus,
indefinitely, as of February 28, 2018. 

Eek. While I’ve known this was coming, and have gone through the five stages of grief already — it still hit like a blow to the gut, reading aloud. 

I'm one hundred percent honest when I say, this was not my intention moving into 2018. My initial goal for OMG was to reach an audience, and provide the space for a community that was engaged, entertained, and empowered to face life head-on, and charge through any obstacle that stepped in our way, together

My vision has come to fruition. I’ve connected with friends, family and strangers on a deeper level. I’ve forged connections with people I’d never met, had the opportunity to work with brands I enjoy, and try things I’d once only dreamt of trying. 

Looking back on the past two years with you, I am astonished, extremely gracious, and humbled. I am incredibly proud of the in the 70 blog posts written for this blog. I am proud of the guest authors, Casey Lamb, Erin Marrs and Danielle Clampett that have helped push the mission of OMG forward by sharing their stories. I’m proud of the three podcast episodes, and my co-hosts, Kelly Franco and Brooke Pinkston. And I am proud of myself, for opening up to the world, and sharing deeply personal stories to help spread awareness and perspective.

I don’t know what the future holds for One Millennial’s Guide quite yet, and that’s something I’m okay with (for now.) The site will remain active through the end of the month — after which, it will be archived. Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for updates, as we go.

As for me, I’m going to continue the work on taking back the pieces of me that I’ve left scattered about over the years. I’ve signed off of the dating apps, have closed a number of my social media accounts, and am looking forward to a life that’s just a little more in-the-moment. I guess you could say, a little more simple. But don’t count me out just yet — you know my hands won’t be idle for long. 😘

With immense gratitude,

I hereby declare OMG as an honorary Grey's cast member. And in true Shondaland fashion...

But wait!

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