To Faking It

First post! Let's just dive right in shall we?

There's no one answer to navigating the "terrible twenties" — there's no set path and no guidelines, nor any amount of lecturing from helicopter parents or geriatric educators that can prepare you for the countless "Oh shit" moments you'll experience during this pivotal, (read: transitional) moment in time. 

I know what you're probably thinking, "Isn't that what this whole blog is about — you helping me find my way?!" Do me a favor and get cozy, (take a Xanax, grab your favorite BevMo bottle, breathe into a paper bag — whatever works, I don't judge) because I'm going to let you in on a big secret: it's all a twisted charade of "adults" fumbling around until they get it. Think about it, life is basically the equivalent of trying to unlock your front door in the dark because your jerk of a roommate didn't leave the porch light on, yet again... and it's raining and your arms are also full of Trader Joe's bags and cat litter. Oh, that's just me?


In all honesty, I wish we had the answers for you. It's my goal to be able to send you off into the sunset on a white pony, armed with the knowledge and determination to take on your missions — but I'm also figuring things out too. Now, before you close your laptop and imagine yourself suing for false advertisement, we each (we, meaning myself, my colleagues and you lovely readers at home) have had different life experiences. Some have become the youngest VP's of their companies, some have gotten married or started families, some have lost parents, or found love and some may be questioning their place on this earth. Regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or the way you say tomato, we all have the potential within us to achieve greatness — you just have to find the drive within yourself to do it. (On a side note, if you say toe-mah-toe instead of toe-may-toe, GTFO)

I finally decided to create this blog for a few reasons. 

  1. As mentioned above, I believe that we have all had an assortment of experiences in life, some good and some bad, that have helped shape us as individual while unlocking a couple doors along the way. I felt this would be a great space for us to come together and discuss these "🔑 to success".
  2. I've been told that I am doing a relatively good job at #adulting. I won't argue, I don't think I'm doing half bad — but I also make my fair share of mistakes. You should see the photo from my company holiday party last year. Let's just say Patron and I are on a break and also that you'll be able to count on a post about how not to be that guy at company events.
  3. I think it's about damn time that we start to use this digital revolution for more than retouched selfies and trying to make each other jealous about the "fabulous lives" we live on social media. One Millennial's Guide was founded on being both a resource and an outlet for those that need it. 

We're a group of real-life adults, making our way through the peaks and the valleys of life in our twenties. We're going to mis-step, there will be bumps and skinned knees along the way — but we'll get through it together. And when we reach that next peak, we'll celebrate together. There's not one person that can go at it alone, so whattaya say, join me for the journey?

Stay tuned | OMG to: Traveling Alone (and Loving It)Paying off Your Credit Card(s) and Decorating Your Home Like a Real Adult are coming soon!