To Answering the Question: "What Now?"

DAY 8.jpg

Phew! Mental Health Week has officially come to a close. (Two days later than it was intended to, but better late than never right?) This week was definitely a challenge, and it makes me appreciate the both the full-time and when-I-have-time bloggers so much more. Blogging ain't easy, folks — and to those that are able to make a career out of it — I envy you, your patience and your dedication. You're a boss. 

But the reason of this post isn't to whine — I get enough of that out in therapy, or traffic. This post is to take a beat and reflect on the week with gratitude. I am truly grateful for so much. Things (and people) that I'm lucky to have. When it comes to your mental health, it does take a village. While, at the end of the day, you're the only one capable of making impactful changes to better your mental health and well-being, it takes a strong support network, dedicated friends and dependable Door Dashers to help keep you accountable and on-track. 

So, the question we're left with, is, "What now?" From here, our paths fork into many directions. We'll criss-cross here and there, wave when we're close, or send letters when we're not. 😊 My hope for you, millennial, is that you take the pieces that made an impact, made you think or even challenged you forward into the new week with a positive outlook and an open mind. I hope that reading my personal stories help make you feel less alone in experiencing the ins and outs, and the impact your mental health well-being has on all aspects of your life. 


I mentioned earlier this week, how much I'm loving the Five Minute Journal. If you haven't visited their page yet, I urge you to do so. For those that need pen and paper for motivation, their hardback bound journal is available online, through Amazon or at Paper Source. For those that prefer the digital version, you can download it for $4.99 from the App Store. The app is perfect for me, because it gives me a gentle reminder morning and night to keep track of my thoughts. #NotAnAd

Today, tonight, this week — whenever you have time — take stock of your headspace. How're you feeling? What's getting you down, or stressing you out? What's one thing that you can do differently to feel better? Make that change, big or small and live your best life. Think about what you're grateful for — and verbally acknowledge the things or people on that list. I'm serious, thank your family, your friends, and even your house. Whatever makes you happy deserves a little praise. 

Speaking of, we'll close Mental Health Week with my Five Minute Journal Entry from today:

I am grateful for...

  1. an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings and goals.
  2. a group of friends, both physical and digital, that support me in my endeavors.
  3. the ability, and drive, to constantly seek the betterment of my physical and mental health.

What will I do to make today great?

  1. I will finish the blogs for Mental Health Week (Check that one — score!)
  2. I will keep a positive outlook on what comes my way.
  3. I will challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone. 

Daily affirmations. I am...

  • Capable, confident and kind.

3 Amazing things that happened today...

  1. I finished the blogs for Mental Health Week (Yeahhh!)
  2. I made someone laugh.
  3. I took the first step in making a big change. 

How could I have made today even better?

  • I could have made today better by getting out of the house to enjoy the sunset by the water.


A big thank you to each and every one of you. I am very grateful to have you with me on this ride we call life. 'til next time!