To Biting off More Than You Can Chew

I'm an avid blog reader, much like you are, I'm sure. I follow countless bloggers and draw so much inspiration from each of them. I'm incredibly happy that I was so quickly welcomed into the #millennialblogger community, but even more so that we (millennials) feel comfortable enough to share the bad with the good. I've seen posts sharing the first 20 photos before the perfect shot, read about the struggles of battling depression and have heard stories openly discussing the pressures of feeling behind in life. It's a great reminder that despite being able to spread a tidbit of information, smidgen of inspiration or even igniting a passion within a reader, these bloggers are regular people and not superhuman. 

You may have noticed that the One Millennial's Guide blog and social channels have been a little slow this month. Well, after coming down from the proverbial high of intense, beautiful and raw posts of last month's Mental Health Week (and probably Mercury retrograde) I've been feeling a little lackluster. When I feel that my internal flame, sparkle or light (whatever you want to call it) going out, I look typically look to my fun side projects to act as my gasoline to get me going again. 

I'm a list person. Like, I love lists. When I started feeling 'blegh', I grabbed a pen and the closest piece of paper (which just so happened to be my JCrew statement) 😯 and got to writing. I started listing the tasks that I needed to get done by the end of the month, then rating them in order of priority and that's when I felt that wave rushing over me like a tsunami. Millennial confession #ilostcount, I have this habit of taking on project after project to keep myself busy. After all, you know what they say about idle minds — or is is hands? Unfortunately, that line  between tactfully scheduled and overloaded is quite fine — and with my vision, I miss it from time-to-time. 

I, like many other millennials, also don't like facing the music — so I swiftly walked that envelope to my room, put it in my sock drawer, lit a candle and got into bed. (It was 4:00 in the afternoon, no shame) I suppose it's not the best coping mechanism, but in the moment, pretending that I had no responsibilities and obligations was the best I could do — well, that, Madame Secretary and two servings of Thai. Two weeks of Netflix binging and two hundred dollars at Oros Thai later, I needed a real good come to Jesus talk, or as Nana would say a SLAP! (Which was actually a bonk on the head with the remote)

My obligation plate looks like this: day job (because blogging doesn't pay the bills... yet), this blog, BOLT⚡️ and upcoming podcast series (first Friday of each month!), my own business (which is currently in the midst of the biggest rebrand since I started it), school, chalkboard art for two weddings and some social time in there somewhere. Oh, and dating — though as of late, that's just more so for entertainment value. Sidebar: I don't know if you've been online dating recently, but can I please tell you how awful it is? Prince Charming, if you're out there, call me! 

Much like credit card debt, that music we talked about avoiding earlier has a way of catching up to you. And today, my music is in surround sound — I HEAR YOU! I wasn't entirely productive today, but I'm writing my weekly love letter to you guys, that's a start, right?

I'm learning more life lessons now than I feel like I have in the past two and a half decades of life and I'm happy to be able to share my most recent. Only took six paragraphs of me, me, me to get here. 😊 #humble. 


The next time you realize you've bitten off more than you could chew, remember these three things: 

1. You can chew this, maybe just not all in one bite. It's okay to spit some out. This analogy is starting to make me queasy... so, in all seriousness, try not to make a habit out of it, but pull the reigns a little bit. Shuffle some things around, kindly back out — or better yet, postpone — some of the tasks. Get your list in order and get to it!

2. Schedule 'me-time'. Dedicate some time to power down and do something for you. It doesn't matter how busy you are, if you're not giving yourself time to recharge, you're not doing yourself or the people you've committed to any favors. Binge on Netflix, take a long nap or bath, go get lost in the fresh air for a few hours, something!

3. Moving forward, invest in a planner. Yes, there's a reason we got those things in middle school — they actually work! Since you've prioritized your tasks and obligations already, book out the time in your calendar. I now have a standing two hours every Wednesday to go cycling. Killing a few birds with one stone! 

My Fairy Blogmother Kelsey is honest-to-G epitome of planner goals! She's got her schedule on lock and has shared her secret for success in a blog post earlier this year, "HOW TO: BE A PRODUCTIVE, TWENTY-SOMETHING PLANNER". I urge you to check it out and take a page from her agenda! (Was that a dad joke?)

If you're still in need of a pep talk to face that music, I urge you to re-read this old post about finding your passion. Now go forth my sweet, sweet millennials — for I have some catching up to do. 😘😘


Studies have shown that classical music is the crème brûlée of genres for concentration.