To Pursuing Your Passions

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been a one-track mind kind of guy. I’ve never envisioned my future as predictable. I didn’t believe that the four-year college right out of high school, working up the corporate ladder, white picket fence life was for me. To be honest, I still don’t. While I also wouldn’t describe myself as a risk-taker per se, I would say that I thoroughly enjoy marching to the beat of my own drum and living my life in my kind of chaos. 

Like many other millennials, I’m multi-passionate, multi-talented and multi-faceted. The question is how can we not be, though? We grew up in a different time than those of yesteryear — millennials aren’t sticking with companies the way that entry-level associates used to. Pensions, gold watch workniversaries and living with the feelings of being trapped are out. This is a new era.

At any given time, I have at least three projects going on. Currently, I work as a Marketing Manager for a software lead generation company, I have my own marketing and branding business, I am chipping away at my degree in advertising and I have this blog. (This is what I was referring to as my kind of chaos earlier.) The job I hold now is my *drumroll please* seventeenth (pause for reaction) since I started working ten years ago. Granted, a few of those didn’t even last a full shift. Not only do I get bored easily (as I’m sure all millennials do, having grown up on the rise of personal electronics) I also struggle with staying committed to a project or job if I’m: 1. not passionate about it, 2. not learning or expanding my horizons or 3. not feeling respected or appreciated. 

If you’re like me, or you find yourself struggling to build the courage to make a change — to leave the mundane, to really explore something that gets your blood pumping, please read on for the pep-talk that I’ve given myself dozens of times. I should also note that I picked up the cute little trucker’s mouth from my father. Sorry Mom, Nana and Maggie. 😘 

It’s a bit of a Madlib, so fill in where necessary:

You are a fucking gem. I’m serious. Why are you wasting your time (and talent) in this shit-hole energy-suck of a place? You know that you’re destined for more than this. You’re [name], of house [last name], [royal title] of the [people or country] and [throw in another important-sounding title] of the fucking [direction]. You, my friend, are destined for greatness, not mediocrity. You’re the most talented [what you’re good at] in all of [where you live], if not the entire world! You haven’t put in [number] of years to end up behind-the-scenes. You’re the star of this show, pal. Get out there and kick some ass already!

Basically, channel your inner Sansa Stark — but from the season six, not when she was all emotional and weak. (Not that being emotional makes you weak — I cry too!) Maybe Lyanna Marmot then. RBF meets one hell of an attitude and a dash of a professional speaker to back it up. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, open your HBO Go and start with season one, episode one of Game of Thrones. It could also be the champagne. Who knows?

Ok, enough silliness — you (and your mind) are extremely powerful. Often times, your greatest enemy is yourself. When you’re pursuing your passions and chasing your dreams, you have to be able to be stronger than self-doubt. You’ll have to adapt to becoming a salesman and hype yourself through the struggles. It’s ridiculously easy to get lost in the negativity, the doubt and the mud of the low points, but you have to learn to manipulate your own mind into believing that you can (and will.)

Despite what some of you may be thinking, writing is a passion of mine. Like Donald Trump, I too, know words. There are even times that I feel I have the best words. 😂 I’ve been writing for fun since I was able to form sentences, maybe even before that — that time of my life isn’t entirely clear because of the whole riding the sugar-high thing.

I’d been toying with the idea of blogging for a while — I’d been writing for work publications and clients, but nothing for myself. My diary was indeed a very sad handwritten book. I was inspired by another millennial blogger, my best friend’s cousin, Kelsey Sleek over a conversation at Easter this year. I was then pushed into starting while speaking with a fast-talking astrologist from New York. Apparently, this is where I need to be, right here, on One Millennial's Guide. So, on a Sunday night, I put off my homework assignment an extra day and bought the domain. A week later, the site was built and the first post was published. 

I, like most people, was afraid to put myself out there. I couldn’t hide behind stuffy writing and a corporate brand any longer. This is my brand — this is me. I gave myself a timeline of seven days to plan topics, generate content, branding and to actually build a website and marketing plan — but even during such a short window, I still found time to let the doubts creep in and consume me. It took more than one pep talk, both from myself and those close to me, but when that seventh day came and my first post went live, it all washed away

Sure, I still wonder here and there if I’m on the right track with this blog, but I’m learning that we don’t need to be perfect from the very first step. As a planner, I want to have my route mapped and answers to every question before I even get dressed — but sometimes, life doesn’t afford us the answers until we get going. One of my biggest lessons thus far is that it’s an evolution. (It being anything that you’re working on, including living life.)

What I’m getting at, in a very roundabout way, is that if you’re not pursuing a passion, chasing a dream or learning something you’re interested in — you’re not doing something right. Life is too short to fall into the trap of complacency. Life is meant to be lived (and lived well.) I can throw all the #motivationmonday I want at you, but unless you have the power to light that fire within, your dream is going to sit on that shelf collecting dust. Don’t let your dreams collect dust. 

This week, I challenge you to take the next step in pursuing something you’re passionate about, whatever the next step is. My goal is to get my editorial and marketing calendar organized for the blog. I’m also throwing in a bonus of networking with three new bloggers that I’ve never met. Comment on Facebook or Instagram, let’s keep each other accountable! We’re great on our own, but baby, we’re better together. 

So thankful for each and every one of you. 😘

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