To The Holiday Blues (and My Necessary Hiatus)

Image courtesy of Netflix

Image courtesy of Netflix

Feels like it's been years

While fans swoon (and scream in "What the hell?!" rage) over the Gilmore Girls revival, I'm still working on the return of OMG. Netlix, holler at me if you're looking to expand some funding and a full-time crew into the blogosphere. While it feels good to sit down for this post, it also feels a tad bit eerie not knowing when the next will be β€” quite yet. That being said, let's cherish the moment for what it's worth. 😌

Sidenote: I need to make a cool name for you, so I can address you as something better than, "Hey you..."

Hey you! I know it's been a minute since we've gotten to chat, and I do apologize for that. This hiatus, albeit necessary, wasn't exactly planned. I have four weeks of blog notifications in my calendar to prove it. When I decided to start OMG, it was somewhat on a whim whilst procrastinating my homework assignment one evening β€” and I got great feedback and response and kept adding more content, channels and commitments and then somewhere around early fall, was struck by the reality fairy that sounded off bells, alarms and whistles in my head. 🚨 

I quickly came to the realization that while I was enjoying the blog, I had been looking at it from the wrong perspective. I saw the blog as a business rather than an outlet or a way to share my heartfelt insight with others going through the same things in life. I got caught up in the analytics and adding more content to reach more people β€” and failed to look at the long-term strategy, scalability and the connection with the audience. Being the closet-perfectionist that I am, I didn't like the track that I had taken OMG down and I honestly considered scrapping it entirely. Luckily, I came to my senses and decided to take a beat instead.

So here we are, December third

Close enough to the end of the year for countdown calendars, elves running amok and the dreaded holiday blues. I've read before that this time of year is especially hard for people, with one survey reporting that 45% of people dread the holidays. Seasonal Affective Disorder, shorter days and increased spending can all play a big role in the blues in addition to stress, poor diet and exercise and possibly even increased alcohol consumption. 

This isn't my first holiday season where I relate more to the Grinch than Cindy Lou Who β€” but this one has certainly been the bluest. With the pressures of a full-time managerial role, projects, papers and assignments for school, a side business in the midst of a rebrand and the usual personal dramas, I shouldn't exactly be surprised. Like anyone serious about their mental health, I am working on coping mechanisms and measures to prevent a total meltdown; but it's an evolutionary process not a quick-fix scenario. 

Since taking a "mid-season hiatus" like all my favorite Shondaland shows, I've been focusing on myself, my work and my plans for 2017. Despite feeling like I mostly "have it together", the world likes to surprise me from time-to-time and remind me that I'm still a wandering twenty-something character in a Lena Dunham show. It's the best, he says sarcastically. Let me sort out this jumbled mess of holiday terrors, stressors and scheduling nightmares and I'll be bright-eyed and bushy tailed before you know it. (Perhaps after a little vacation too.) Oh, and a massage! And champagne!

where does that leave us now?

Like a kid in time out, I've had a lot of time to think about what I did (both good and bad) and have started to work on a long-term plan for the blog that aligns with my updated mission. I want to bring genuine content and insight to you guys that's entertaining, informative and most-of-all raw. I want to do it in the right way and make sure that it's properly supported and scalable before jumping off the high dive. I hate inconsistency, so I've made the decision to keep a pin in the blog until I've had time to iron out all the wrinkles and bring you regular content. I'm hoping that won't be much longer β€” but I assure that you'll be the first to know when OMG is back.

Until then friends, I wish you the happiest of holidays β€” and I can't wait to get back to our weekly chats soon. Cheers. πŸŽ„ 

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