To Enjoying a Rainy Day

As I sit down to write this blog, cross-legged on the sofa in my living room, I am beaming from ear-to-ear. While it could be the remnants of a successful intimate gathering I hosted yesterday afternoon, I'm fairly certain it's the rain! ☔️ You see, in California, it rains about once every ten years — so it's worth celebrating!

Even if you absolutely hate the rain (which we can't be friends if you do) you have to admit that there's something incredibly therapeutic about the sight, smell and sound. If I wasn't petrified of kidnappers trying to kidnap all 6'0 (26-year-old) me, I'd probably sleep with my window wide open during every rainstorm. I always get excited when I see rain in the forecast because I know I'm going to sleep like un bebe. 

When it comes to a rainy day, there are certain requirements in order to deem it a win (even though they may sway from person to person.)

My 5 (Indoor) rainy day essentials:

A throw blanket

This is non-negotiable for any gloomy day. Best paired with a cup of tea and trips down memory lane. A cozy throw blanket is the warm hug on a rainy day and easily my go-to. Danielle (whom you've all met) enjoys poking fun at my obsession with throw blankets. While I may have one in every room, you never quite know where you're going to want to cuddle puddle (with your Netflix and takeout for one.)

Today, I'm cuddling up with this throw from Crate and Barrel. While the Alpaca one I was eyeing felt yummy, I practiced my best adulting and stuck to my budget for the week. Now if only I could do that with Weight Watchers points. 😑 

A killer playlist

While I already mentioned the rain being therapeutic, it works exponentially better with a soundtrack. I'm into the doom and gloom thing, so I typically go for acoustic-style, coffee shop music during downpours. Don't make fun! I just think it matches the tone of the day Mother Nature gave us, emo or not!

I'm currently listening to my go-to rainy day playlist, Angus and Julia Stone on Pandora. If you watched Revenge on ABC, some of the music will sound very familiar. When I tire of guitar plucks, I'll switch off to Billie Holiday Pandora. It's a-mazing. 

A fire! (or Millions of candles)

I know I'm not the only one that loves to cozy up by a fire — right? Fires are majestic AF and again, therapeutic. We honestly should have started a drinking game with that word. From now on, any time it's mentioned, take a swig of your hot toddy. 

My chimney is in need of being swept, which I guess could sound sexual, but I'm talking about my actual chimney — I swear! So, rather than a roaring fire, I have a bunch of candles lit inside, making it feel cozy. I've also got a few more going throughout the house, filling the space with a cozy scent of Grey Flannel, courtesy of a millennial favorite, Target. It's everything you need in a fall-scent.

Window gazing

As these are the indoor essentials, I have to list window gazing. You have to be able to see the rain to get the full effect! Watching the drops whip in the wind and crash into the burnt orange leaves on the trees is straight up ballet shit. It's the closest we get to snow — and if you squint really hard and turn on the AC, it could feel like it too! 

If I had a built-in, padded window seat in my house that looked out over the grounds*, I'd be sitting in it as we speak — writing, reading and pondering the path of life I'm on. Instead, I'm occasionally gazing out onto a front porch that has soggy leftover beer bottle boxes and cars whiz by. While not as picturesque, it gets the job done!

*I'm very wealthy in my future visions of myself 😂 

A good cry

I don't know if it's the rain, the lack of vitamin D or the playlist, but I always wasnt to get a good cry in when it's raining. It's incredibly therapeutic 🍻, and just seems to fit the theme of washing away the old, the muck and the emotional baggage leaving a fresh-faced you to move into the future. Super cliché, I know — but just get on board.

While I have yet to shed a tear, the day is young. I'm sure The Notebook (or some other Nicholas Sparks movie) is on Netflix. There's no tear quite as good as remembering you're entering yet another holiday season completely alone, while watching two teens fall in life-long love. Also, it's worth mentioning, for all you shower-cryers, you're wasting your tears because your face is already wet. You know who you are!

I'm dying to know, what are your rainy day traditions? Ping me on Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure I'll just be cyber stalking an ex or two. 😘