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Phew! Finally something that’s not as depressing as our national news. Truth be told, the current state of affairs has really put me in a funk. I started three blog drafts and couldn’t find the drive to push through — so, I apologize for falling off the face of the Earth. While still not exactly enthused, the six bags of Dove chocolate Valentine's hearts I've eaten have helped. 

That being said, it was Oh Miss Engineer to the rescue! Victoria recently tagged me in a blogger Q&A challenge that she participated in. I figure we could all use a little relief from the tension — and since my scheduled massage isn’t until next week, this is going to have to cut it! Without further adieu...

1.) Why did you start a blog?

I started a blog for a few reasons. First, I’ve always enjoyed writing — I find it therapeutic to get my thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper (or screen.) I think that it’s important to analyze, process and work through your emotional baggage on a very regular basis — not only for mental health, but physical well-being as well. 

I’ve also been through a lot. I don’t have an Oscar award-winning story by any means, but I’ve leapt across multiple hurdles in the past decade or so; most of which were self-induced. I’ve battled and overcome credit card debt, learned the value of love and friendship, set myself on a steep career trajectory and launched multiple small businesses. Sure, I’m no 20-something billionaire CEO, but I’ve learned SO many lessons and wanted to be able to share them. 

Speaking of business, the last reason I started this blog was to eventually create another income avenue; but I’ve since had a major shift in my rationale and put a pin in that plan. For now, I want to focus solely on sharing content that’s engaging, helpful and above all, relevant. I have no desire to flood your feed with sponsored posts for products that won’t add value to your lives. Perhaps down the road there may be some organic opportunities, but for now, it’s just me and you babe. 

2.) Where do you get your writing inspiration from? 

I really pull my inspiration from the world around me. My current commute is about 90 miles round-trip, so I spend a great deal of my time on the road every day. 280 (a wide freeway with rolling hills, soft curves and sunset porn galore) is often where I plan out most of my blog posts. Something about the sun (or fog), crisp breeze and rocking motions from the curves — it’s like magic blog food! That’s what really gets me into the mood to write.

In terms of concept inspiration, I’m obviously inspired by current events (just not the current current events.) Not only am I inspired by the landscapes but also the people I’ve encountered in life. The blogging community is warmer than I thought it was going to be and I’ve really made a few strong connections with people that inspire me. 

3.) What words do you have for those who are scared to start their blog?

Three mantras: Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t try to cater to everyone. Do it for you. 

My writing process is pretty short. I pick my topic, create an outline with headers and free-write. Editing consists of me reading it twice out loud — then I schedule it.

Because I’m writing for both for myself and an audience, I want it to be mutually beneficial. That being said, there may be topics I write about that a particular reader has no interest in — I’ve learned that’s completely ok. Second guessing your work, trying to cater to everyone or censoring yourself is going to lead to a lot of personal turmoil and an experience for the reader that’s not truly authentic. Sure, there are thousands (millions?) of bloggers out there, but people come to your blog for your point of view and your delivery. Don’t water down what your audience wants. Be you, boo. 

4.) What are the ups and downs of having your own blog? 

There are so many great things about having a blog — and probably just as many challenges. I’m a planner. I absolutely love getting topics sorted, outlining, working on graphics, branding and setting up the behind-the-scenes “stuff”. I also overcommit (something I’m working on in 2017.) I have really big ideas and sometimes forget that it’s just me working on the blog (for now) so I can only get so much done in any given day. Top threes though?


  • Being able to share whatever you want with an audience that supports you. 
  • The unexpected connections and relationships you make.
  • Getting a message from someone saying that your post helped them.


  • Finding and/or making the time to write on a regular basis.
  • Opening up your thoughts to public opinion.
  • Feeling like you’re constantly promoting or plugging your blog.

5.) What other interests do you have besides your blog?

Mostly eating. And sleeping. 😬

I work (a lot.) I have a full-time job managing a marketing team, I have my own business in the creative services world, I work on the blog and I’m a student. I don’t get a ton of free time, but when I do, I like to create — go figure. Painting, decorating and building are all stress-killers. I’m also a huge history buff (nerd alert) and love watching documentaries about American history.

6.) Where do you hope your blog will take you into the future?

I’m not entirely sure where I see the blog in the future. I see OMG being both a resource and an outlet. Look, I don’t have all the answers, but I may have a perspective that you didn’t think of, or at the very least a little comedic relief from this cruel, cruel world. 

Wherever OMG is headed, I’m thrilled to be at the helm and have you guys along for the ride!

7.) Who are you inspired by?

Dominique from A Mental Life inspires me to be authentic and speak my truth about living a beautiful life, even with the ups and downs of depression and anxiety. Kelsey from Embracing Twenties is often inspiring me to put my best foot forward in life and accept challenges that are thrown my way with an “I got this” attitude. Kristin, a childhood friend of mine, recently launched her own blog Quiet Girl Speaks. Reading her stories to help people better understand (and embrace) introversion are amazing. These three women know who they are and what they want in life — I’m obsessed with each of them and am proud to call them friends. Which is also why I'm challenging them to complete this seven question Q&A!

I’m so inspired by all of my fellow bloggers and people that speak their truth, that open their hearts and share their stories with others. I think this world needs more people talking openly and constructively about issues that plague them. I believe that by working with others and even pushing through some emotionally charged baggage in a respectful manner helps bring everyone out on top.

It's been a minute since I shared an acoustic cover. I'm ready to be made fun of. 

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