New Year, Better You: A Guide to SMART Goals

#Goals. Everyone's talking about them, but are we doing them right? In Sunday's post, I shared/overshared about some ex-drama, a shift in perspective and my new-found passion for SMART goals. Well kids, today I give you a crash course guide in the goal-setting technique that appeals to my heart, soul, mind and every other fiber of my being.

While initially more work, I honestly feel that you're more likely to achieve a well thought out, strategic and smart goal versus a traditional goal. In my post, I shared an example of a common goal: lose weight, get in shape, etc. and then gave it a bit more detail to make it more realistic and attainable — that's essentially all a SMART goal is. Same concept with more thought behind it, more thought, better plan for execution, better plan, better result. Catch my drift?

In the past couple of weeks, I've accumulated these things in journals, planners and docs on my phone — and I'm ready to consolidate. I decided to make a quick template to KISS (keep it simple stupid. 😘) I now have a #goals folder at home and at work to not only create better, more strategic SMART goals, but also to keep track of my progress along the way. I even created a check-in column to jot down feelings, roadblocks, mini-victories and other thoughts as I go — a big plus for us feelers. 

Since it's goal setting season and we're pals, I thought I'd post my template on here for you to try out too. While I can't promise success, I'm certain you'll have a better shot pinning this to your goal/inspiration/dream board than a post-it. What have you got to lose in trying? Click the button below to begin your free download, no registration necessary!