Millennial Update: Living life for you

I know, it’s only been about five minutes since the last millennial update — but there’s news (and an incredibly important message) to share! You guys are awesome, you know this already; but for those that have yet to subscribe to the weekly OMG mailer, you’re behind on the times!

First things first

I’m the realest. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. 😏 You’re likely going to be seeing some changes on the blog (if you haven’t already.) I’ve gotten some great feedback from friends and other millennial bloggers about the site and I wanted to take a moment to clear up a couple points of confusion. 

Why am I constantly interchanging “I” and “we”?

When I launched this blog, I did so with the intention of immediately including guest contributors to write posts on a weekly basis. I had envisioned a place where millennials could gather and share and discuss their stories with the readers. I’ve since learned that when launching a blog, people generally take some time to get to know the real you before they want to hear from guest writers. So, for the time being, you’ll be seeing the world from just my perspective. (I’m actually a little happy that we get to know each other a little better, I’m hoping for a rose 🌹or at least a one-on-one date.)

Why are Wednesday’s posts in another tab on the blog?

While I hadn’t planned on having the BOLT⚡️ section originally, I realized that we, as millennials, consume content in a variety of ways. While video is usually preferred (which you likely won’t see from me for a while — if ever*) there are actually times when people prefer to read content. I figured that sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up or don’t have the time for a full-length blog — so the BOLT⚡️ was born. These blogs are generally about half the length of Sunday’s posts, but still offer quality insight.

*Like many, I absolutely hate the sound of my recorded voice — and don't think I'd be able to playback (or edit) a video of myself.

Next, let’s chat about other people’s opinions

It may be rude, but I say fuck ‘em. The opinions of others are not like Pokemon (you do NOT need to catch them all.) And if I hear one more thing about that stupid game, I’m going to lose it. I nearly struck a car and two teenagers that were parked around a blind corner (after dark, without hazard lights on) running in the street looking for Diglet or some BS. Oh my god, am I the old crotchety man yelling at the pesky teenagers to get off my lawn? 👴🏻

Anyway, back to my point. In life, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people that will disagree with you. It could be the way you run your business, write your blog, post on social media or even your appearance. These people suck. I take that back, there are times where these people are coming from a good-natured place — but at the end of the day, you need to live your life for you (so long as you’re not hurting or degrading anyone else in the process.)

After launching this blog, I was approached by multiple friends and a couple of family members that immediately interjected their thoughts. Some were positive, others were not so much — even disguised as constructive criticism. I found myself second-guessing my actions and even my own voice on the blog — and that’s something I’m putting my foot down to. This is me: sometimes funny, occasionally witty, but usually a foul-mouthed sass-bot. (I’ve never heard of a sass-bot, but I’m gonna roll with it.)**

There will be posts that may induce gut-wrenching laughter, there will be posts that may bring deep emotions to the surface, hell, there may even be posts that you hate — but I guarantee, that from here on out, these posts will be the authentic me. This is my promise to you. You came for one millennial’s opinion and bitch (meant as a term of endearment) you’re gonna get it!

My point in sharing this story with you is this: there will be people that feel they know better than you. Regardless if they do or not, live your life for yourself. We’re all finding our way on this path and if you want to forge your own trail and learn on your own like I do, throw your boots on and do. you.

It is one hundred percent okay to (kindly) let someone know that you respect their opinion, but that you’re going to handle this one on your own. Let them know that when you’re ready for their help, guidance or advice, you’d appreciate them being there. On the flip-side, don’t throw your opinion, especially your critiques, out there without them being warranted. I'm working to make it a point to ask someone, prior to stating my opinion, if they’d even like to hear my perspective. 

**I checked UrbanDictionary — sassbot is a thing. Albeit a bit different than I had imagined. 

You’re a strong, independent and thoughtful person. Do me a favor and always remember these two things: 

  • You can do anything you set your mind to — and I mean anything. 💪
  • While it may not be immediate, you get from the world what you put into it. Make it your mission to spread love, positivity and laughter. ✌️

Last, but certainly not least

I’m overjoyed (and mildly panicked) to announce the very first themed week on OMG. Beginning Sunday, July 31 — I’ll be posting a brand new blog every day geared toward common mental health issues. I have a couple of guest writers helping me out who are also nervously excited to share their stories with you. We’ll be talking about overcoming numerous mental health issues that millennials deal with, like anxiety, twenty-something panic, loss, etc. It’s going to be an incredible (and likely emotional) week — so mark your calendars and stock up on your favorite tissue, chocolate and Rosé. 

Oops! We went over our limit today — but like ruffles with ridges and ranch — more is always better than less. 🐷

Oh, this is new too! With each post, I’m including the song that kicked writer’s block’s ass. Some are related, some aren’t but this is what’s stuck in my head today: