Millennial Update 001


It’s probably a well-known fact that when you commit to starting a blog — you should post consistently for a considerable amount of time so your audience knows you’re legit right? Well, in case you haven’t learned one of the main rules of #adulting, let me spell it out: shit happens (pardon the language, mom.) And just so we're clear, we mean that in the most respectable way. 😘

Before our little hiatus, we put out a free (and printable) packing guide around Memorial Day, especially for you my little jetsetters! It was put through it's paces when the small team that is OMG took a much-needed trip to Kauai, Hawaii! And it worked! (Stay tuned for a downloadable guide to the island coming soon!) With the hustle-and-bustle of the activities and being thrust back into reality upon our return, we missed a few posts. (Sorry!)

That being said, we’re back in business this week and wanted to share a couple of things that are currently in the works. Myself, and the small team at OMG, have you guys in mind while laying out the editorial calendar — and we only want to bring you relevant, useful and entertaining content. Essentially, we’re here to work with that little voice of reason in the back of your mind — and to help you on the path to having enough going on in life to brag about at your upcoming high school reunion.

As you know, full-feature posts are released each Sunday and shorter BOLT⚡️ blogs are released each Wednesday.

Some of the topics we have coming up include:

  • How can I be dehydrated if I’m constantly drinking water?
  • What should I pay for a salon quality haircut or color (and how do I know my stylist is worth it?)
  • What the hell is a 401k and why do I need IRA?
  • Demystified: Three summer "S" words: sunscreen, sunburn and spray-tans
  • What I wish I knew before starting my own business

And much, much more!

We want to help navigate you through the good, the bad, the professional and the personal paths of life — and we’ve enlisted the help of industry professionals and other millennials to help us, help you. As always, if you have a specific question, or a topic you’d like to know more about, ping us on Twitter, Instagram or by email. We’re beyond grateful to have you along for the ride — so let’s get to it, shall we?