Fix it or Shut it: A Healthy Habits Series


Ahh, January, we meet again. A time for overreaching, overpromising and overcompensating. Historically speaking, I’m not alone in using the hanging of a new calendar as a reset button. I typically plan to eat better, drink more (or any) water, and actually exercise — and to be fair, I do well for a while. But somewhere around 2:30 PM on the second or third, I crash and burn. 

Last year, my resolution was to set SMART goals, rather than open-ended and open to interpretation (read: justification) resolutions. I did better, but still found that I had room for improvement. After reflection, I realized that I can’t make numerous (big) lifestyle changes and expect my sugar-loving, physical-exertion hating, cottage cheese ass to be okay with it. I essentially fail, because I bite off more than I can chew. Rinse and repeat, every new year.

Let’s face it, I can’t go from couch potato to athlete overnight, but I can make a number of smaller changes to work toward that goal. My only resolution for 2018 is to live a happier and healthier life.

Each month, I’m going to challenge myself (and welcome you to join) in trying a set of new apps, services or practices to foster a healthy and active mind, body and soul. Excited? Me too! Let’s get started!

Mind: Headspace ($: Free+)

Website // Apple // Android

Challenge: Use the app at least 10 minutes per day to practice mindfulness and meditation

I started using this app here and there in December, and instantly fell in love. I’ve always wanted to practice mindfulness and meditation, but have never been able to calm my brain long enough. This app offers users a (practically) limitless number of guided lessons for a variety of purposes, like focus, anxiety, self-esteem, creativity, competition and more. Naturally, my go-to has been the various sleep singles. Two words (clap with me): Game.👏🏻 Changer.👏🏻 I look forward to spending time with this app, trying out the lessons to see what I can dig out of my subconscious. 

Body: Care Of ($: 5/mo+)


Challenge: Take daily, and reflect on physical and mental feelings weekly

I originally saw an ad for this company on Instagram, but chickened out during the checkout process. It wasn’t until Brooke mentioned a killer Black Friday deal that I pulled the trigger. I mean, I’ve taken vitamins before (though my daily follow through was a little lackluster), what made these any different? Well, they use a series of lifestyle questions to tailor a set of vitamins to fit your budget and your body's needs. We recently received our orders, and as of January 1, have stopped taking other supplements in favor of these customized and individually packed kits. Full review coming after the thirty day period!

Soul: 5 Minute Journal ($: 4.99/app or 22.95/hardcover)

Website // Apple // Android

Challenge: Spend five minutes per day to complete entries (morning and night)

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked of this app, but it’s worth repeating. Charles Chen, the amazing, and devilishly handsome chef uses the hardcover journal daily, and was the initial inspiration behind me  giving it a shot. I opted for the app, and have set the daily reminder to notify me in convenient times to remind me to complete my entries, morning and night. Anyone can spare five minutes out of their day for a little planning, reflection and gratitude. It’s amazing to read back what your heart and soul are thankful for on any given day.

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