To Great Coffee

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Now, to wake your booty up on this fine and all-too-warm Wednesday morning — let's chat about the nectar of the gods. No, not Diet Coke, we talked about that earlier this week. We're talking java, joe, mud, brew — whatever you wanna call it — COFFEE

Last week I purchased a French press for my coffee connoisseur coworker, mostly because I wanted to learn how it worked. Get this: she said it was one of the best cups she's had in recent memory. Since then, she's consumed half a bag of grounds and probably a few gallons of hot water. She's pretty rad — so if you want to be rad like her, you'll need to follow this guide to making a delicious (and energizing cuppa) as your first step.

How to make great coffee using a French Press:

  1. Gather your essential supplies. You'll need a French press, hot water — an electric kettle is primo — ground beans (they say coarsely ground is best, but even if you grabbed a bag of regular ground, you'll manage just fine). Note: mix-ins are beautiful in a French press. Try adding a dash of cinnamon, it has health benefits and tastes AMAZING. 
  2. Add a heaping scoop of grounds for every cup of hot water you'll add to the press. Now's the perfect time for throwing in that cinnamon, mocha powder or perhaps a little chili powder for a morning kick in the glass.
  3. Next add the hot water to the press, give it a gentle stir and place the lid back onto the little coffee-maker-that-could. I know it's hard, but leave the plunger alone. Let the beans steep for about four minutes. Word on the street is: this is the magical amount of time for a well-rounded flavor. (I'm not current on coffee lingo, sorry.)
  4. Congrats! You've been so patient — and guess what — it's time to take the plunge, baby! SLOWLY press the handle on the pump down, applying even pressure until you've made it to the bottom. Going too quickly or moving back-and-forth may result in grounds showing up into your mug without an invitation. Yuck
  5. Pour the fresh brew into your favorite cup or carraffe soon after making it so the flavor doesn't become too bitter. 
  6. Lastly, add your morning staples: cream, sugar, Stevia, half and half — whatever it is that makes your hump-day a little more special — sit back and enjoy!


We want to hear from you! What's your favorite coffee mix in? Have you tried using a French press before? What'd you think? Sound off in the comments below or on our Instagram!