Millennial Update: Fall (off the wagon)

So look, it's been a minute since I've posted regularly on the blog. I'd like to start off by apologizing. About a month or so ago I talked about taking on too much — but being hopeful that we were coasting downhill soon. Unfortunately, the world isn't always as it seems. It appears that I've fallen off the wagon. 

During Mental Health Week, I discussed my battles with both anxiety and depression. While I feel incredibly lucky to have both under control, there are times when one, the other or both sneak up out of nowhere and pull me into the choppy water. October hasn't been the best month on record, but I've had good friends around (including some Instagram blogger friends) that have really helped get me through this fall funk.

So — in the first Offscript Podcast, I promised a few things. First Trick-or-treater Bingo. Great news, it's live today for those that want to jazz up their hallows eve with a little game while handing out candy. I'm actually going to un-scrooge myself this year and give it a try too! Second and third, "How to throw an Adult Party" and "How to Decorate your workspace for the holiday" — these are still happening, just a little later than planned. Stay tuned for the exact dates soon!

For those that receive the emails, you may have noticed the new look today! I refreshed the subscription email to include the most important bits of information in a new-and-improved package. I hope you like the fall look — can anyone guess the inspiration behind the pattern and color scheme? For those that aren't subscribed — what're you waiting for? Subscribe below!

The second episode of The Offscript Podcast will be live on the OFFSCRIPT page, iTunes and SoundCloud next Friday! Tune in for a discussion between myself and my colleague and good friend Erin about the differences in millennial experiences post-graduation. FYI she's a real-life podcaster for a show called Stream Queens — a podcast devoted to reviewing streaming horror movies. It's pretty rad and hilarious, you should check it out!

I think that's the update for now. To those that checked-in during my hiatus, thank you! I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year brings to One Millennial's Guide and can't wait to take you all along for the ride. We need one of those Ride the Ducks busses! Quack quack!

It just came on shuffle — and I feel the need to dance around in a nude morphsuit.