Blogiversary Reflection At 30,000 Feet

Yesterday, April 24th, was the one-year anniversary of One Millennial's Guide. It truly feels odd to me, because it somehow feels as if it were yesterday that I launched and also like so much has happened since last April. 

The day also happened to be the one month mark that I've lived in Seattle. (A full post is coming Sunday, detailing the ins and outs of my experience thus far) I wouldn't say that I'm the happiest I've ever been, but I'm certainly the most hopeful. This experience has been such an eye-opener for me and has really made me long for the days that I was actively blogging. 

May I have a little cheese with my whine?

I know I'm more hot and cold than a Gemini (only mean that in offense to one or two people 💁🏼) when it comes to posting regularly, but the bloggers that are constantly snapping stories, blowing up your feed and filling inboxes with weekly emails don't tell you the big secret; they have help. Whether it's a friend, intern, contributing writer or a team of folks — their effortless look takes a lot of effort from more than one person. (Listen, I am not trying to shame whatsoever — if you can afford the help: work it. OMG just isn't set up for sponsored posts and paid submissions. Not yet, and frankly, I don't know if I ever want it to be. 

This blog is my baby. It's the newest in my litter of brands, and for a while, it got a lot of attention. Lately, I've been focusing most of my energy on another of my brands, drumming up business and forging partnerships. It's been fruitful but makes me feel like I'm giving OMG Jan Brady vibes. Trust me when I say that despite not popping up in your inbox or feed as regularly as I'd like, OMG isn't going anywhere, nor is my other company. I'm working on trying to better manage the time I invest between these two time-sucks — and I mean that in the nicest way possible. 

Being a business owner, especially of more than one, is not easy. People see the glamor of being your own boss, making your own rules and bringing home all the bacon; but the truth is, for a small business owner, it's really, really difficult. There are so many hidden costs associated with just keeping a business (or a blog) afloat — let alone thriving. 

That being said, it's not all XANAX and night sweats. 

Since launching OMG, I've met both physically and digitally, an amazing network of beautiful, talented and inspiring writers, creators and business people. The blogging community welcomed me with open arms and has been there through the trials and tribulations of navigating this path. I'm so grateful to have been introduced to these folks, for both the collaboration and commiseration. I anticipated a very cut-throat community, where everyone was only looking out for number-one and sees others as competition — but I was shocked to find the exact opposite

 I'm currently on a flight home from California, trapped between a couple that thinks they're taping a Dr. Phil episode and a guy with apparently a very itchy nether-region. (And this isn't over-the-pants scratching — I beg, please do NOT fly without wiping your seat and surfaces with a Clorox wipe. 😷) With the time to think up here, I can't help but reflect on the blog's run during this past year. I'm so proud of where it's come, and so excited to see where it's headed. I know I say it often, but I'm touched by those that check in on occasion, it means so much to me that you crave more content. 

While I won't be foolish enough to promise a plethora of blogs, I can promise to continue to work on my time management skills and the delicate balancing act that I've taken on. I write for me, and I write for you. We're in this together, no matter what. Here's to one year together, and hopefully many, many more. 😘

If you're looking to share your story, feel free to reach out. I always envisioned this blog to be a community of sorts and would love to help share your message with the world.