hey there, I'm David.

I'm a part of a group of millennials that believe our generation has been mis-labeled as lazy, entitled and only good for managing social media accounts in the workplace. Truth is, I feel that millennials possess the same drive as generations past — the path to success just looks a little different (thanks to the five cent wine sale and global warming) I'm confident that our generation has a lot to say and even more to offer the workplace, society and the earth as a whole. 


why am i passionate about telling my story? 

To be frank, I made a great deal of mistakes in my late teens and early twenties. I didn't stay true to myself, I took people for granted and I used credit cards as a pay check. Three years ago I was in a deep depression, making cents on the dollar and in a dark place, both mentally and physically. 

I awoke one morning with a very apparent choice, left or right, continue down the dark and twisty path or take control back and snap out of it. I'm not void of mis-steps along the way — but I want to give others the opportunity to learn from my mistakes to pursue their happiness. 

This blog will grow to be a collection of curated content from myself and other talented, creative and driven individuals. Together, we'll give other twenty-somethings a bit of perspective of how the world actually works. Navigating this transitional, yet exhilarating time, is no easy task — take advantage of any help you can get. 

TL;DR If talk of shopping for a Roth IRA, being kicked off your parent’s healthcare plan or your ability to host a dinner party (with real plates) gives you instant anxiety, this blog is for you.


About The Blog

One Millennial's Guide will be on hiatus, indefinitely, as of February 28, 2018. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, one that is beautifully bittersweet. Check out my post explaining why I'm letting this blog, I am so very proud of, sail off into the sunset.